How to Avoid Zoom Fatigue

For more ideas, here is a list of virtual team activities and online social outings. A better approach is to plan ongoing team building activities before morale drops. Having recurring dates for activities on the calendar creates a sense of normalcy around the occasion. The recurring nature of the events means that team members do not feel pressured to attend any one outing, yet reminders and RSVP’s create a sense of accountability that encourages employees to attend.

how to avoid zoom fatigue while working from home

If you’re training, just like we record a phone call, you could record the video call so others can watch it at their convenience without having to sit through the zoom meetings. Participants of video calls should also be able to switch off their video if participation is not expected. Humans are social animals that weren’t built to socialize through a computer screen. “Zoom gloom” is a natural result of us staring at our screens all day. The unprecedented explosion of the use of video conferencing interfaces in response to the pandemic has been taxing for our brains, and emotions.

Make virtual social events opt-in.

It’s easy to think that you can use the opportunity to do more in less time, but research shows that trying to do multiple things at once cuts into performance. Because you have to turn certain parts of your brain off and on for different types of work, switching between tasks can cost you as much as 40% of your productive time. Researchers at Stanford found that people who multitask can’t remember things as well as their more singularly focused peers. The next time you’re on a video chat, close any tabs or programs that might distract you (e.g., your in-box or Slack), put your phone away, and stay present. We know it’s tempting, but try to remind yourself that the Slack message you just got can wait 15 minutes, and that you’ll be able to craft a better response when you’re not also on a video chat. Finally, “Zoom fatigue” stems from how we process information over video.

Come work at HQ… or find a new job, Roblox CEO tells staff – The Register

Come work at HQ… or find a new job, Roblox CEO tells staff.

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Many work from home jobs provide flexible schedules and freedom, yet many folks cling to 9 to 5 out of habit. If you work more productively in shifts rather than a straight 8 hour block and your employer is not a stickler for schedules, then there is no reason to force yourself to power through. Embracing your natural work rhythms can help you feel better about working remotely.

How to Prevent Zoom Fatigue

Email or chat may provide a better medium for discussing certain topics and should be considered alternatives to video conferencing. Many of these platforms also provide search options so that people can easily refer back to their content later. There are glasses you can wear to cut the blue light and help reduce eye strain. Some computers have screen settings that can mimic the movement of outdoor light and emit yellow light instead. Steckelberg said a way to get that reprieve could include taking one call or meeting per day during an outdoor walk.

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